The Best Home Builders in Franklin County KS Recommend 5 Cool Features for Your New Laundry Room — The best home builders in Franklin County KS can help you build the perfect home. The differences between a nice home and the best home are found in the details. If you are ready to design and build your home in Franklin County KS, consider every inch of your project––even the laundry room.

#1 – The Best Home Builders in Franklin County KS Recommend a Laundry Chute

Many homeowners choose to build custom two-story homes. Two-story homes make efficient use of the lot where they are built and are an attractive option for parents with children at home. If you choose to build a two-story home, facilitate dirty laundry delivery from the second floor with a laundry chute that dumps your dirty clothes into a hamper inside the laundry room. The best general contractors in Franklin County KS should have no trouble including this in your design.

#2 – Oversize Wash Sink

It may seem like an unnecessary expense if you haven’t ever had a dedicated wash sink in your laundry room. A sink in the laundry room isn’t as essential as your kitchen sink, but many homeowners are surprised at how they benefit from one.

Best home builders in Franklin County KS

#3 – Drying Racks

If you have any clothes that you prefer not to put in the dryer, you know that drying racks or clotheslines are essential. Don’t wait until your laundry room is built to think about where you will dry your more delicate pieces of laundry. Drying racks or indoor clotheslines can be integrated into your home more easily than you think.

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#4 – Custom Cabinets

No matter how big your laundry room will be, make sure you have space for at least a few cabinets. Where else will you store detergent, dryer sheets, and other cleaning supplies?

#5 – Washer/Dryer Pedestals

The central part of your laundry room is your washer and dryer combo. If you choose to purchase a high-efficiency front-loading washer and dryer, go ahead and purchase the pedestals for them as well. The pedestals make loading and unloading your machines much easier.

#6 – BIG Countertops

Keep your laundry mess isolated to your laundry area! Extra counter space in your laundry room is ideal for folding and sorting laundry.

#7 – At Home Dry Cleaning Appliances

Are you tired of driving to and from the dry cleaners? You don’t have to anymore! You can buy your own dry-cleaning equipment that fits right inside your laundry room. Talk to your Franklin County KS luxury custom home builder if you intend to purchase a dry cleaning appliance so they can design a space for it.


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