Best General Contractors in Miami County KS

Best General Contractors in Miami County, KS

Custom homes your way. As the best general contractors in Miami County, KS, CAL Construction takes your vision of a dream home seriously. CAL Construction knows the importance of embracing the industry’s latest developments and providing exceptional customer service. CAL Construction has a superior understanding and knowledge of the construction industry, which gives our customers the best home building contractors in Miami County, KS.

Built Your Way

We work with you to build your project in your style and budget.

CAL Construction provides quality work and experienced professionals. Regardless of project size, CAL Construction ensures safety, quality, and communication are our top priorities. If you are looking for a Miami County general contractor, CAL Construction is the top choice. We oversee each project with extreme care to ensure quality, safety and that you’re within budget.

Thanks to today’s modern materials and expert guidance, your next home can be turned into a reality when you choose the best general contractors in Miami County, CAL Construction.

At CAL Construction, we are experienced builders with various capabilities when it comes to your custom needs. We are experienced pole barn builders; pole barns can range from commercial storage buildings, farm and agricultural buildings, residential structures, sheds, and garages. The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom homes and pole barns with the best Miami County KS General Contractor, CAL Construction.

Building a Custom Home in Miami County KS

We Are A Certified Nudura Contractor

Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) provide you with superior energy efficiency, consistency in performance, and lower utility costs over the lifespan of your home versus traditional building methods like wood. This means long-term savings and better value for your dollar.

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Miami County General Contractor

Miami County General Contractor

CAL Construction builds custom homes based on the dream you’ve always had. With CAL Construction, you can build your home in Miami County, KS, to your exact wants and needs. Building a custom home provides total personalization, unique finishes, custom floor plans, lower costs, optimization of the property, ultimate privacy, and superior quality. Through CAL Construction, you can choose quality materials that fit your budget, all while fitting your specifications.

CAL Construction provides the best home building contractors in Miami County in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our homes are custom down to the exact specifications that you envision. Pole barns are a specialty of CAL Construction and can be highly beneficial for your next project. Pole barns are affordable and versatile; they don’t require a concrete foundation and can serve as more than just a barn! Pole barns can be turned into your garage, commercial space, recreational centers, plus more. CAL Construction offers custom pole barns that fit your wants and needs, all while staying within your specified budget. There’s a reason CAL Construction in Miami County’s best general contractor.

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