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Building A Custom Home in Miami County

Building a custom home in Miami County, KS, has never been easier with CAL Construction.

Miami County Custom Home Builders

CAL Construction is Miami County’s luxury custom home builder. We work with top designers and contractors that are the most qualified for your unique project. Building a custom home with CAL Construction can provide quality materials and superior customer service. A custom home with a floorplan that fits your lifestyle generates long-term benefits. CAL Construction is committed to executing your vision down to a minor specification while staying within your designated budget.


Built Your Way

Building a custom home in Miami County, KS, has never been easier with CAL Construction. Custom homes offer choice and flexibility when it comes to your dream home. With CAL Construction, you have a choice starting from the foundation. As the best Miami County custom home builders, we offer various homes and floorplans to construct a home that is molded to your exact wants and needs. Our attention to detail ensures high-quality work and superior materials, which in turn guarantees a home you’ve always dreamt of. We work with you to build your project in your style and budget.

Not only does CAL Construction offer custom homes, but we do so at a price point you’ll love. CAL Construction is the leading Miami County luxury custom home builder and provides superior customer service and experienced professionals. Custom homes offer you a chance to choose a floorplan that fits your lifestyle and an opportunity to express yourself in your dream home. CAL Construction offers budget-friendly prices, high-quality materials, and maximized functionality constructed by professional and experienced builders.

We Are A Certified Nudura Contractor

Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) provide you with superior energy efficiency, consistency in performance, and lower utility costs over the lifespan of your home versus traditional building methods like wood. This means long-term savings and better value for your dollar.

Building a Custom Home in Miami County

Building custom homes with CAL Construction can save you money and result in living in your dream home. If you have specific ideas, we have experienced and knowledgeable designers who will help you every step of the way. We have floorplans and design ideas ready to inspire you and help your dream home become a reality. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we aim to make sure the process is a smooth one for you and your family. CAL Construction is a leader of Miami County custom home builders and looks forward to making your dreams come true.

CAL Construction provides a seamless design process that results in a transition that you’ll love from start to finish. Design, budgeting, and construction are our specialties when it comes to building custom homes in Miami County. CAL Construction provides cost-friendly materials without compromising the quality of your home.

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