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5 Clear Reasons to Build a Pole Barn

September 15, 2023

The best general contractors in Franklin County KS can help you build a beautiful home and pole barn. Pole barns and similar post-frame buildings are useful for many more purposes than just parking a tractor. Consider the many ways you can use a pole barn on your property.

Reason #1 – You Want a Horse Stable

A pole barn is the perfect solution if you want to keep horses on your property. Horses can be kept safe and comfortable in these large buildings, with plenty of room for hay storage and feed areas. Post-frame structures also provide plenty of ventilation and natural light, creating an ideal environment for your livestock. Your Franklin County KS general contractor can outfit your horse barn with stalls, tack rooms, and washing areas to make caring for your equine friends easier.

Reason #2 – You Need a Workshop – Best General Contractors in Franklin County KS

Do-it-yourselfers will appreciate the many benefits of having a pole barn as their workshop. The open interior space of a post-frame structure makes it easy to organize tools and materials, while its sturdy construction keeps your projects safe from the elements. You can easily customize the building with shelves, lighting fixtures, or even a wood-burning stove for those cold winter days. And if you need more space later, adding additional bays is simple and straightforward.

Best general contractors in Franklin County KS

Reason #3 – You Want a Storage Shed.

A pole barn can give you plenty of room to store all the items that don’t quite fit in the garage or your home. Whether you want a place to keep garden tools, lawn furniture, or outdoor recreational equipment, post-frame buildings are an ideal choice. The best general contractors in Franklin County KS can easily customize the interior by adding shelves and racks, while its strong construction will protect your belongings from inclement weather.

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Reason #4 – You Need a Carport or Garage – Best General Contractors in Franklin County KS

If you want to park your car, ATV, or recreational vehicle outside of the house, a pole barn is also perfect for this purpose. If needed, you can enclose the building, giving you additional shelter from rain and snow. It will also keep your vehicles safe from potential theft and vandalism, while offering plenty of space for working on repairs or maintenance.

Reason #5 – You Need a Space for Your Small Business

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a place to run your business, a pole barn might be precisely what you need. These sturdy post-frame buildings can have multiple bays, allowing you to set up operations quickly and efficiently. You can also use the space to store products or equipment as needed, while its open floor plan allows for easy reorganization. And because these structures are relatively low-cost, you can get a great return on your investment. Contact the best general contractors in Franklin County KS to get started.

Best general contractors in Franklin County KS

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Best general contractors in Franklin County KS

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