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The Latest Trends in Custom Home Design

February 15, 2023

Are you excited to build your home in Franklin County KS? Have you been looking for the best ideas to incorporate into your new home’s design? As a Franklin County KS general contractor, we help our clients build custom homes every day and understand the desire to ensure your home is beautiful and modern. Consider including these home trends before you finalize your design.

Natural Light

To make your home feel more spacious, natural light is a must. Large windows and skylights can provide plenty of beautiful light throughout your home. During the day, this will not only make it feel larger but also brighten up the space.

Comfortable Kitchens

When designing your kitchen, you want to ensure it is inviting and comfortable for you and visitors. Open floor plans are a great way to make the space feel bigger while creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Adding a kitchen island when you build your home in Franklin County KS can create extra surface area for cooking or eating and provide more seating options.

Build your home in Franklin County KS

Wood Cabinetry

Adding wood cabinetry to your home is a great way to bring warmth and elegance. You can look for Franklin County KS general contractors who specialize in custom woodworking, such as Build Your Home. They offer a variety of woods with several finishes, giving you plenty of options to choose from that will give your kitchen the perfect touch of sophistication.

Big Home Offices

If you’ve been dreaming of including a big home office when you build your home in Franklin County KS, we can make it happen. Are you hoping for custom-built desks, bookcases, and unique shelves? That isn’t a problem for an experienced homebuilder. You can even add built-in task lighting for even more convenience in your workspace.

Build your home in Franklin County KS

Multipurpose Rooms

If you’re looking to create a multipurpose room in Franklin County KS, get creative with the layout and add built-in storage and seating to make it an extra special place in your home. Use your multipurpose room as a home theater, game room, playroom, and more.

Energy Efficient Design

Is energy efficiency a priority for you as you build your home in Franklin County KS? We can help you integrate cutting-edge technology into your roof, walls, windows, insulation, and more. Make sure you also choose the latest appliances for maximum savings on your utility bills.

Build your home in Franklin County KS

Quality Construction

The most important factor in any home-building project is quality. Every project from a professional home building contractor in Franklin County KS, like Cal Construction, is backed by experienced and skilled contractors. They use durable building materials such as steel and concrete to ensure your home will last for years to come. Plus, Build Your Home offers a ten-year guarantee on all of their work so you can rest assured that your investment is protected.


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Build your home in Franklin County KS

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