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5 Essential Steps to Prepare for Building a New Home

January 15, 2023

When you are ready to build a new home, finding a professional Franklin County KS general contractor to build it for you is a critical step in the process. Nonetheless, if you want to build your home in Franklin County KS, there are a few other steps you will need to complete. For explanation purposes, we have reduced the process into five basic steps.

#1 – Decide What You Want (and What You Don’t Want)

Even the best home builders in Franklin County KS can’t read your mind. Before you start talking with a builder, you need to know what kind of house you want, what size, how many rooms, and any other important details. Once you begin to formalize a building design, the details may change, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The important thing is that you give your Franklin County KS general contractor a basic idea of what you want.

Franklin County KS general contractor

#2 – Establish a Realistic Budget

Defining a budget is occasionally more difficult than expected. Budgeting is most difficult when you don’t have any idea what home construction should cost. Some estimates suggest that the average custom home costs around $300,000. Nonetheless, the best home builders in Franklin County KS should be able to help you build a home you love even if your budget is significantly smaller––or significantly larger.

#3 – Work with a Builder or Architect to Create a Home Design

After evaluating your personal finances, loan options, and estimated construction costs, you can work with your architect and Franklin County KS general contractor to formalize your new home’s design. The design process doesn’t have to take long, but we strongly recommend that you don’t rush through it either.

Franklin County KS general contractor

#4 – Hire a Builder and Determine a Construction Timeline

Once the design is complete, you will need to hire a licensed Franklin County KS general contractor and agree on a construction timeline and costs. Ensure you understand the contract well, including the added cost of any changes made after finalizing the contract. Design changes after signing a deal with a builder are often much more expensive than what they would cost if they had been included in the original plans.

#5 – Get Started!

Once your contract has been signed, and you make the first payment, construction should begin shortly. If you want to visit the construction site occasionally to monitor progress, this is a common practice but be sure to discuss it with your builder. Many contractors prefer to arrange pre-determined visits so that they are available to answer any questions or explain progress.


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Franklin County KS general contractor

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