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30 Ways to Use a Pole Barn; Great Tips from a Franklin County KS General Contractor

November 15, 2022

As a Franklin County KS general contractor, we can build you build your home in Franklin County KS, remodel your home, or even build a pole barn! Pole barns were traditionally agricultural buildings but are now being used for many more applications. A pole barn or post-frame building can be used for almost anything you can imagine. They are durable, cost-efficient, highly customizable, and often take less time to build than stick-frame structures.

The next time you need to build a new home, a new barn, or a new building for your business, you should consider a pole barn or post-frame building.

Here are Thirty Ways You Can Use a Pole Barn According to a Franklin County KS General Contractor.

  1. Horse Barn
  2. Riding Arena
  3. Livestock Housing
  4. Hay Barn
  5. Agricultural Equipment Storage
  6. Farm Produce Storage
  7. Workshops
  8. Warehouse
  9. Small to Medium Sized Airplane Hangars
  10. Retail Space
  11. Gas Station
  12. Office Space
  13. Hobby Shop
  14. Vehicle Storage
  15. Man Cave
  16. She Shed
  17. Single-Family Home
  18. Combination Single-Family Home and Barn or Workshop
  19. Event Venue
  20. Restaurants and Bars
  21. Church
  22. Equipment Storage for Small Businesses (Plumbers, Roofers, Welders, etc.)
  23. Mother-In-Law Suite
  24. Boat Storage
  25. RV Storage
  26. Fire Stations
  27. Practice Space for Musicians and Bands
  28. Home Gym
  29. Mechanic Shop
  30. Artist Studio

The best general contractors in Franklin County KS, and the best home builders in Franklin County KS can build a pole barn to fit your exact specifications. Post-frame buildings can be luxurious or simple. It all depends on what you need.

Franklin County KS General Contractor

What Makes Pole Barns Special?

Unlike stick-frame buildings, post-frame buildings don’t require a continuous slab foundation. This is because their structure relies on large vertical posts set 3-4 feet in the ground and encased in cement. These vertical posts are typically spaced 6-8 feet apart, joined by girts all around the structure, and topped with roof trusses that serve to support the roof structure and join the walls together. The combination of these elements produces a building that requires less lumber than stick-frame buildings and allows for high ceilings and wide-open interior spaces. This is why post-frame buildings are commonly used for barns, meeting spaces, event venues, and workshops.

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