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The Best Custom Features When Designing a New Bathroom

August 1, 2022

The bathroom in your new custom home will be used several times a day, every day. Since you get to design it yourself––make it unique! The best general contractors in Miami County KS should be able to build almost anything you dream up.


The wrong lighting can make your bathroom unpleasant and even alter your reflection in the mirror. A well-lit bathroom will have multiple light sources. At a minimum, your bathroom should include a light in or near the bath and/or shower, a light in the middle of the bathroom, and a light above the mirror. Ideally, a well-designed bathroom will also have natural lighting from windows or a skylight. Talk to your Miami County KS general contractor and home designer about the lighting options for your new bathroom.

Heated Floors

Instead of wearing socks or house shoes in your bathroom on a cold day, wouldn’t you prefer to walk barefoot on a heated floor? Heated floors are a luxury and have to be installed before your bathroom flooring––but they are wonderful! Most home building contractors in Miami County KS should be able to install heated floors.

Dual Shower Heads

Perhaps the greatest luxury in any bathroom is the shower. A steady stream of warm water helping you get clean is excellent––but why not install a second shower head? A second shower head means more water and a deeper clean!

Shower Skylight

A shower or a soak in the tub aren’t just about getting clean––they are an experience. Bathing should be one of your day’s most relaxing and refreshing moments. Soft natural lighting from an overhead skylight instead of harsh fluorescent lights will improve that experience. The best general contractors in Miami county have plenty experiencing installing skylights, so ask for skylight options when designing your bathroom.

Shower Controls Near Shower Entrance

The traditional position of shower valves directly beneath the shower head results from builders trying to reduce costs, but locating them elsewhere isn’t much more difficult or expensive. Wouldn’t it be better to turn the shower on and let the water warm up before you get wet? Have your Miami County KS general contractor install your shower valves wherever you want.

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