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Fun Ideas for Building a Kid-Friendly Home

July 1, 2022

Any parent can tell you that having children changes everything. From the car you drive to how you spend your free time; your life is never the same. If you are planning to build a new home, you should consider a few custom elements to make parenting more practical. The best general contractors in Miami County can help.


Laundry Chute

Many homeowners choose to build a two-story home and designate upstairs bedrooms for their children. This is a great idea in most cases because most visitors won’t notice if your kids have made a mess upstairs. If you put your kids in upstairs bedrooms, build a laundry chute upstairs that will deliver dirty laundry directly to the downstairs laundry room. This is an excellent way to save yourself a few extra trips up and down the stairs each week and help your kids keep things cleaner. A laundry chute is a relatively inexpensive option to add to any two-story home, and any Miami County KS general contractor should be able to build one.


Game Room

There is no good way of avoiding most of the messes kids make, but you can keep them contained in particular areas. A game room or second living room is another excellent way for keeping kid things in a specific area of the house, rather than overtaking everything.


Kid-Friendly Paint

If you were to walk through the homes of families with small children, you would find dirt, finger paint, and other marks on the walls where the children spend most of their time. One of the best ways to help this problem is by painting the walls with washable paints. Choose a semi-gloss paint or a paint that is specifically marketed as “kid-friendly.”


Best General Contractors in Miami County

Mid-Mount Wall Oven

Smaller children often want to be wherever Mom and Dad are. That includes the kitchen. One of the biggest dangers for children in most kitchens is hot ovens. If you want to help keep your kids safe and avoid the potential for most burns, choose a mid-mount wall oven instead of an oven/stove combo that sits on the floor. The best general contractors in Miami County should be able to help you choose the right oven and install it wherever you want.


Tile Floors

Nearly everyone loves the luxury of wall-to-wall carpeting or the beauty of hardwood floors. Unfortunately, neither option is as easy to maintain and clean with children around. If you want to make your life easier, install tile floors in the areas where your kids will spend the most time.


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