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Five Questions to Ask Your Home Builder Before Construction Starts

April 15, 2022

Choosing the right Johnson County KS custom home builders is a more important decision than you might think. Your home builder will be your partner throughout the construction process. So, make sure you choose the right team to bring your vision to life.

Our team at CAL Construction wants you to put a lot of thought into your decision. That’s why we recommend asking yourself the following questions before choosing a Johnson County KS luxury custom home builder:

#1 – What Kind of Homes Do You Normally Build?

If a home builder almost exclusively builds giant luxury homes and you are hoping for a smaller, simpler home, they might not be the best home builders in Johnson County KS for your project. You can also ask to see pictures or plans from other homes they have built.

#2 – How Many Other Projects Do You Have in Progress?

If a Johnson County KS custom home builder is relatively small and plans to have ten other projects going on simultaneously as they are building your home, be careful. They may handle it well, or your project could fall through the cracks during construction. If you are concerned about them doing too many projects at once, ask who will be managing your home’s construction and talk to them about your concerns.

#3 – How Expensive Are Changes Once Construction Begins?

Changes almost always occur during construction. However, asking this question should help you understand how a home builder operates. Do they refuse to make changes during construction? Do they charge three times as much? The best general contractors in Johnson County KS will make an effort to accommodate changes without charging an absurd amount.

Best home builders Johnson County KS

#4 – How Long Should Construction Take? What Could Delay Construction?

Building a custom home in Johnson County KS takes time. However, your builder should be able to give you a fairly solid estimate of construction time and possible causes of construction delays. If your builder refuses to commit to any time frame, that’s a big red flag.

#5 – What Was Your Most Difficult Experience with a Customer?

There is technically no ‘wrong’ answer to this question, but it may let you know if the person in charge of your project is particularly patient or not. It will also give you a window into their perspective of customer service.

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