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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a New Custom Home

April 1, 2022

Before you get started building a custom home in Franklin County KS, it is essential to think through your building plans carefully. Custom homes are wonderful when they turn out the way you planned and don’t break your budget. However, working with the wrong builder or choosing the wrong design can lead to big regrets.

So, before you build your home in Franklin County KS, our team at CAL Construction has compiled a list of important questions you should ask yourself.

#1 – How Many People Will Live in This Home? For How Long?

Don’t make the mistake of building too small or too big. Do you have small children or no children and expect your family to grow? Will your children move off to college soon? Do you need a unique space for an aging parent or other relatives? If you expect a large number of people to live in your home, is your kitchen big enough? Is there enough space in your living room? These are all important questions to consider.

#2 – Why Do I Want a Custom Home?

People build custom homes for a variety of reasons. Do you need a unique workspace so you can work from home? Do you want the latest in energy-efficient or off-grid building options? Is there a particular architectural style you love? Whatever your reason, it should be reflected in your new home’s design. If your ideas are particularly unorthodox, make sure your Franklin County KS general contractor is prepared to fulfill your vision.

#3 – Is My Design Too Trendy?

Many trendy building designs went out of style as quickly as they became popular. Today, options like conversation pits, faux wood paneling, shag carpet, all-over wallpaper, and popcorn ceilings make a home harder to sell than it would be otherwise.

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#4 – What Will Make My House Unique?

A custom home should have at least one genuinely unique or personalized element to its design. If you aren’t sure what will make your home unique, take a look at the work of a few famous home architects to get inspired! The best general contractors in Franklin County KS should be able to build almost anything you can dream up.

#5 – Have I Found the Best Home Builders in Franklin County KS?

If you want to build a custom home, make sure your builder and architect can connect with your vision. The right builder and architect should make your design better. If your builder feels resistant to your ideas during the design process––jump ship before you build your home in Franklin County KS.

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