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Building a Custom Home in Johnson County KS

The Extra Costs of Building a Custom Home in Johnson County KS

December 15, 2021

When building a new home, there are lots of upfront costs. There are so many expenses that tend to come up during the process, so it is vital that you budget for those as well. In this article, we will discuss a few tips for budgeting for all those extra things that might add up while building a custom home in Johnson County KS.

The Cost of Materials and Labor

Costs in materials and labor do change from day to day throughout the construction process. When you pick a particular tile or flooring, for example, the price that day could increase when it’s time to order that specific material. When you are talking about a larger home, this can be a significant price increase. When planning out your budget for materials, make sure and give yourself buffer money to offset cost inflation.

Even some of the best general contractors in Johnson County KS have rates that fluctuate when it comes to labor. Be aware ahead of time and ask your contractor how much you can expect rates to go up and down as far as the season in the upcoming year.

Building a Custom Home in Johnson County KS

Get More Than One Bid on Materials

Throughout the Kansas City metro area, there are many places to get quality materials. If there is a particular flooring, tile, cabinet finish, or granite that you like, don’t settle on one price. Go to several locations and look at their prices. You might be surprised that there could be thousands of dollars in difference for the same product.

Prices can fluctuate due to supply and demand and what price the supplier could sell it at any given time. Make sure and get on the best end of this chain and buy at the highest quality products at the lowest price.

Picking a Lot

Picking a lot to build your home in Johnson County KS can really make the price jump up quickly. Where you build changes based on the price of the land on that particular lot. If it’s highly desirable because of the location or amenities, your price might be much higher than in a typical subdivision lot.

If your house can be built on your specific lot, then this will save money as opposed to being retrofitted to fit another particular lot. Many people don’t consider how much price varies based on the lot.

Building a Custom Home in Johnson County KS

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We understand there are many factors to consider when you build your home in Johnson County KS or Miami County KS. That’s why we offer a wide range of materials and custom options to make your new home as luxurious and customized as you wish.

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