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The Benefits To Adding A Front Porch With Home Builders In Miami County KS

October 15, 2021

Most people would agree that the idea of having a front porch brings back a sense of nostalgia.  Most homes from decades prior were built with front porches because it was a great space for neighbors to visit and enjoy a cold drink on a summer day together.  As more modern homes are being built, front porches are becoming obsolete.  However, there is a movement to bring back the front porch because of its many benefits. At Cal Construction, one of the best general contractors in Miami County, we understand the value of what a front porch brings to the esthetic and livability of your home. Here are a few of the top benefits of adding a front porch.


  1. Increase Your Curb Appeal

Building on a front porch with a Miami County KS general contractor will increase the overall look of your home. A front porch is the center of your home, and the place to welcome guests, and where guests enter your home. It’s the spot people look at when they view your home.  There are so many custom features such as gables, woodwork, stone accents, just to name a few, to really increase the overall look of your home and make it feel inviting to all your guests.

Home Builders in Miami County KS

  1. Change Your Homes’ Style with Home Builders in Miami County KS

You would be surprised how much changing the front porch area of your home can completely change the style of your home. Have you noticed your home looks outdated? Adding a custom front porch as a more modern-looking central feature can restore your entire home to look fresher and newer. With a new custom porch, you can take a traditional home to a modern home with just one little change-but making a huge impact. If you love your current home style but want to expand your front porch, this is also a design option.


  1. Expand Your Living Space

Adding a useable front porch not only adds a delightful welcoming spot to your home, but it actually adds usable space to be able to enjoy.  Imagine enjoying coffee on your front porch on a crisp fall morning, waving to your neighbors, and enjoying nature.  Many people like decorating their front porch to help ring in the different seasons, which is a fun idea to make your home look cozier and inviting.  Add a fall rug, some pillows for your rocking chairs, some pumpkins, and you have the perfect spot to enjoy the season.

Home Builders in Miami County KS

At Cal Construction, one of the best general contractors in Miami County, we love making our customers happy. Whether it be building a custom home in Miami County, KS, doing a home remodel of your existing home, or adding features such as decks, patios, or a front porch-no job is too big or too small.  Give us a call at (913) 237-0426 or visit our website to get a quote or to see the many options we provide as home builders in Miami County. We look forward to hearing from you!

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