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Why You Need A Deck This Fall with One Of The Best General Contractors In Johnson County KS

October 1, 2021

Fall is the perfect time to settle onto a new custom deck with a Johnson County KS luxury custom home builder. Imagine putting on a cozy sweater and sitting on your new deck on a beautiful fall afternoon. Having a new deck put onto your home has so many benefits that you can enjoy. Here are a few of the top reasons why people choose to put on a deck when building a custom home in Johnson County KS.

Increases Your Livable Space

When you add a deck onto your home, you are adding space that you can spread out on as a family.  Having a fun space on a beautiful day to play games, read books and relax with nature makes your home feel bigger. Especially this fall, when we are still in a pandemic and spending more time at home than ever, having the space to spread out and enjoy the outdoors Barbequing, or whatever other activities your family enjoys, is key to feeling not so homebound.

Increase Your Home’s Value

When you use one of the best general contractors in Johnson County KS, like Cal Construction, you know you are getting exceptional quality and increasing the value of your home. New buyers look for usable living space outside of the home’s square footage, areas such as decks and patios as a big reason to purchase a home.  Being able to imagine enjoying those beautiful days out on their deck is a huge attraction to home buyers and owners alike. If you want to sell your home and maximize profit and attract buyers, add a beautiful deck to your home.

Design What Works For Your Family

Decks are very versatile, and there are many options when working with the best general contractors in Johnson County KS. It’s a good idea first to decide what your family will most use this space for. If it’s barbequing and laying in the sun, then an open deck with specific areas for that is key. If it’s for enjoying quiet dinners, reading a good book, or playing board games, then maybe a screened-in deck might be a great option.  Decide what your family uses it for and work with a contractor to design what will work for your family to extend your usable living space.

building a custom home in Johnson County KS

An Inexpensive Renovation for a Big Impact!

When you remodel parts of your home, it can get really costly for a homeowner. When it comes to decking, the renovation comparatively is inexpensive to other parts of your home. But adding a deck packs a big punch when it comes to value and space.  Depending on the size and added features, the price can definitely add up; however, even with custom work, a deck is often the most used space in your home.

You are paying pennies on the dollars for added usable living space compared to other major home renovations. Whether you are building a custom home in Johnson County KS, or renovating your current home, a deck is a standout feature.

building a custom home in Johnson County KS

At Cal Construction, one of the best home builders in Johnson County KS, no job is too big or too small. From building your home in Johnson County KS, to adding features onto your existing home, like patios, decks, playhouses, and pole barns-the sky is the limit on what you can add to your home to make it more functional.  Give us a call at (913) 237-0426 or visit our website to view our gallery of past projects and contact us to get a quote on services.

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