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Phases of Building A Custom Home

June 15, 2021

It’s important for a homeowner to know and understand the different phases when building a custom home in Johnson County KS. At Cal Construction, we are experienced at what it takes to be one the best general contractors in Johnson County KS, and are willing to work hard to build your custom home.

Phase 1: Exploring your options

In phase one, it is important to get to know your builders and share with them all of the big and small checklist items that you desire in a custom home. If the builder has other homes being constructed or newly finished, it would be beneficial to walk through them to check out the quality and craftsmanship to make sure they will be a good fit for you. When working with Cal Construction, you are building with one of the best general contractors in Johnson County KS. This is also a great time to take care of your financing so you can nail down a budget and hire a real estate agent or architect to drive the process. Establishing a relationship with your builder will build a sense of trust as you go forward with the lengthy and detailed process that is building a custom home in Johnson County KS .

building a custom home in Johnson County KS

Phase 2: Budget and Design

Working with an architect is key when designing a custom home. One of the key factors to design is not just checking all or most of the boxes you give him but also staying on budget. This might mean a lot of back and forth and compromise of what you are willing to let go of versus what you are not willing to part within the design. Sometimes there are different grades of quality that can make you both happy. Design elements, custom finishes, and colors all have to be picked according to what is allowed in the budget. It is the architect’s job to pick solutions that can match both the design and budget. This process takes time to get it right, and when building a custom home in Johnson County KS with Cal Construction, there is no rush, and we want to get your home just the way you want it.

Phase 3: Building

At this phase, all of the difficult decisions have most likely been made, and it’s now just a matter of making all the plans you have been working on becoming a reality. There will always be glitches in the process, such as weather or delays in deliveries, so it’s important to remain flexible. Most builders do build in extra time to allow for these normal delays during the construction process, but make sure and check with your builder to make sure you have a realistic expectation of the timeframe. Once the home is built, you will need to do a walk-through, where you point out all of the things you notice need adjustment or not what you had discusses to give the builder a chance to fix them. You should also get a clear idea about warranties and expectations on the final process.

building a custom home in Johnson County KS

The final phase to building a custom home in Johnson County KS is moving in and enjoying your hard work. At Cal Construction, we understand the process and how to make it as smooth as possible.  Contact us today at 913-237-0426 or visit our website to sign up and get a quote so you can start planning your beautiful custom home.







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