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How To Build A Custom Home

June 1, 2021

Completing a custom home takes a significant amount of time and decision-making.  Although the process can seem overwhelming, the payoff is worth it. Being able to have a home where you decide every detail is both exciting and fulfilling. Here are the six steps to take towards designing your own custom-built home with a Johnson County KS general contractor like Cal Construction.


  1. Research-Dream big by starting to gather pictures and ideas that would qualify as your perfect home. Look around at houses for sale, attend open houses, talk with others who have been through the process to see what they would do differently or things that went well. The more you look around and gather information, the more you will start to see a style emerge that is your own. Once you have gathered all your research data for your vision board, you will be ready for the next step
  2. Find the Right Builder– Look for recommendations for people that have built custom homes before. Realtors, financial lenders, and friends are a great place to start as they would have good ideas about where to start in the area. With Johnson County KS general contractor, Cal Construction, we use the top designers and contractors.Johnson County KS general contractor
  3. Gather a List– Compile a list of builders, suppliers, and subcontractors in the area. Take it a step further by looking at reviews online, researching licenses, and checking businesses with the better business bureau. This will give you a clearer picture of who has a good track record and who does not.
  4. Location– Finding the location for your new home might be more difficult than what it sounds like. Looking for sites that are zoned to be able to build your home in Johnson County KS that you want, as well as having utilities and the perfect view, can be difficult. You will need the help of some professionals to make sure the land you buy will fit the end result you want.
  5. Design– Working with a team of builders, designers and architects are essential in the designing process. Establishing a budget and weighing what your dream is versus what you can afford is key. Chances are you will have to weigh what you are willing to splurge on and what you are willing to let go of because it doesn’t fit the design, or the cost is not worth it. This process will help you and your team decide on the game plan going forward and to start the building process.
  6. Manage the Timeline– You will be intricately involved in the decision-making process of the design and construction of your new home. Managing all the parts together can feel like a full-time job, but the end result of having a custom home you can enjoy for years is worth the process. The expectation should be discussed with the builder in order to make sure you have a goal for the timeframe.

Johnson County KS general contractor

At Cal Construction, a leading Johnson County KS general contractor and an expert in building a custom home in Johnson County KS, we understand the lengthy and detailed process it is when building a home. We work with top designers and contractors to make the process a smooth one. Give us a call at 913-237-0426 or contact us online to get a quote today and find out the best way to build your home in Johnson County KS today!








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