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Custom Closet Must-Have Features

May 1, 2021

Having a custom walk-in closet was once considered to be for only Miami county KS luxury custom homes.  But with most newer homes, this feature is considered a staple.  If you want to rebuild your existing closet to incorporate the features you need, Cal Construction, Miami County general contractor, can help! Cal Construction specializes in building custom walk-in closets and can help you pick a design for your space that is both functional and practical.

A Good Design Layout

Analyze the space available for your closet and design a space to maximize every square inch of space. Depending on individual needs, what you want to store, Cal Construction, a Miami County KS luxury custom home builder can help you design a custom closet to ensure you have adequate storage for what you need to store. Sweaters, t-shirts, and pants all require different storing techniques, and having options at your disposal is helpful.

A Luxurious Look

When designing a custom luxury closet, not only do you want it to be functional but beautiful as well.  There are finishes and accents that create a luxury look within a closet. Being able to incorporate this look into a room that most people start their day in is fantastic. At Cal Construction, Miami County KS general contractor, we have all the finishes to create a look that suits your style.

Fabulous Lighting

A walk-in Closet should have the perfect lighting. Being able to see colors and fabrics textures is a must in a closet. Have you ever left the house in color only to step outside and realize it was the wrong color? Integrating the suitable lighting feature into your closet and bulbs is essential.

Miami County general contractor

Practical closet accessories

With any room, the practical features are a necessity.  In a closet, where storage is the primary goal, having the right features to have easy access is essential.  Some ideas for added features might be but not limited to:

  • retractable valet rods
  • Belt or scarf storage
  • laundry hampers
  • a pullout pant rack
  • jewelry display/storage
  • T-shirt organizers
  • Purse/handbag storage
  • Shoe organizers

 A Closet Island

Having a closet island is somewhat a new feature that is gaining popularity.  Having a countertop space to lay things out, fold clothes, or set stuff down is a great convenience. It’s also a great space for extra storage in a place in the room that is often not needed. Utilizing this dead center space can add a tremendous amount of value to a walk-in closet. With Miami County KS general contractor at Cal Construction, we can help you design the right size island to fit the space and provide more storage space.

Space for your valuable accessories

A great feature that a designer closet can offer is a space for you to hide your valuable accessories.  There are secret compartments and drawers that can be added to help you protect or conceal things you want to safeguard from a possible intruder or theft.

Comfortable seating

Most people spend time in their closets, folding laundry, getting ready in the morning, or chatting at the end of the day.  Having a place to sit and relax is a nice luxury to have while dressing, brushing your hair, or putting on makeup.

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A Vanity

Some people chose to put their vanity in their closet, especially if they have a luxury designer one that is both esthetically beautiful and comfortable.  It is convenient to get ready and match everything up for the day while you are near your wardrobe. This provides a seamless daily routine, where you don’t’ have to run back and forth and lose precious time.

Miami County KS general contractor

Having a walk-in closet, no doubt adds to your home value. A walk-in closet can make or break the ability to sell a home.  At Cal Construction, who is the best Miami County KS home builder, we strive to provide you with closet designs that are both luxurious feeling and functional.  Call us today to schedule a consultation and see what we can do with your unique space.




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