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The Advantages of Using Post Frame Construction for a Custom Home

March 15, 2021

Miami County KS new custom home builders know there are lots of ways to put your own unique spin on a new home.  For many people that are designing a new home in a rural area, they are choosing a pole barn or post frame design.

Although these designs give the appearance of a farm building, they still have the appearance of a luxury home on the inside.  The “barndominium” trend has been gaining momentum for several years now, and CAL Construction is one of leading Miami County KS general contractors for all types of post frame designs.

This article will discuss some of the biggest advantages of choosing a post frame or pole barn design when you build your home in Miami County KS.

Lower Costs & Open Floor Plans

Post frame homes are typically built on a concrete slab and not a basement foundation, so this can save the homeowner quite a bit on concrete, supplies, and labor.  Another reason Miami County KS new custom home builders recommend pole barns is because there are no interior support walls required, as all the support comes from the exterior poles.  Interior walls for post frame homes are built to divide rooms, but are not required, and this can leave your post frame home wide open for you to do as you please with your floor plan.

Miami County KS new custom home builders

Faster Construction Times

Since there are no interior walls to construct with a post frame home, construction is typically completed much faster than a traditional home.  There is much less framing work required for a post frame homes, which means less labor for the construction crew.

Energy Efficient

A traditional home or “stick-frame” house has studs every 16” to 24” on center, which doesn’t allow for much insulation space, and actually creates more space for warm and cold air to be transferred.  One reason Miami County KS general contractors like post frame designs is because the posts are 8’ apart, which allows for more insulation and fewer areas for air to be transferred.

Miami County KS new custom home builders

Less Exterior Maintenance

Post frame homes are usually built with steels panels on the exterior, which are known for being very durable and require minimal maintenance.  The best general contractors in Miami County KS know that traditional homes will eventually require fresh paint or replacement siding, which can be costly.

Miami County KS new custom home builders

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